“Post-surgery”, for a successful recovery!

Recovery time is a key stage in your cosmetic surgery procedure. Just like the operation, the recovery period raises many questions and concerns.

And this is normal: the recovery phase is just as important as the surgery itself. What you need is to increase your self-confidence and your welfare. This is why the recovery phase is so important. Your body needs rest. You also have to familiarize yourself with these new changes..

Here's a guide to recovery to help you recover in the best conditions possible. You will find general advice on the recovery period, and specific recommendations for surgeries to the face and breasts, as well as for liposuction.

General advice: After the operation, lots of rest

The length of the recovery period after surgery greatly varies from one person to another. But one important factor that helps speed your recovery is the quality of your rest.

During the first 3 days of your recovery, rest up. Sleep as much as you can! Your body needs to recover from the anaesthesia, from the surgery itself, but also from the fatigue caused by stress and emotion.

So avoid moving too much and heavy lifting. Also, stop sports activities as well as alcohol and cigarettes, to accelerate healing and prevent complications. Take the medications prescribed by your surgeon, relax and help your body recover: drink plenty of water and eat balanced. However, it is important not to become inactive. While it is important to rest well, we must still see some movement. This avoids circulatory problems to the legs and prevents thrombophlebitis.

Normally, you can start to resume normal activities after these 3 days of intense rest. Gradually, you will resume your habits after 2 weeks. As for the resumption of your work and sports activities, all depends on your operation.

After a face surgery

First, avoid lying "flat" to sleep. Use one or more pillows to set yourself in a semi-sitting or sitting position. The goal is to keep your face in height to avoid lumps.

Generally, the bruising and swelling can be impressive. Do not panic: most will disappear after two weeks. Apply cold compresses to make them subside faster.

In the case of cosmetic surgery of the nose, the first days of recovery are more bothersome than they are painful. Avoid blowing your nose for the first week to promote healing.

When can I return to work?

Generally, we recommend that you stay home for one to two weeks before returning to work. You will be fully rested, your bruises and swellings will have partially disappeared and the bandages and stitches will have been removed.

I would like to get back to sport, how long should I wait?

We recommend that you wait a month. Eight weeks in the case of scuba diving. Do not hesitate to contact us to see if you can resume your sporting activities.

After a breast surgery

You may feel pain in the 48 hours after surgery, when the anaesthesia wears off. Take the medications prescribed by your surgeon to reduce the pain. Avoid sleeping on your stomach and limit the movements that require a twist of the bust, especially when it generates a feeling of discomfort.

When can I take a shower?

Depending on your surgery, you must wait an average of two days before taking a shower, unless there is an exception. We provide details after the operation, not to worry!

When are the bandages and stitches removed?

Usually, bandages can be removed after a few days. We set an appointment at the clinic a week after the surgery to check on the patient and, if all goes well, remove the bandages and stitches.

When can I resume my normal activities and my work?

We recommend that you wait 1 to 2 weeks before you can resume your normal activities and return to work.

And what about sports?

Activities involving great efforts and requiring a twist of the bust (tennis, swimming, weight training, etc.) can be resumed after 4-6 weeks.

After an abdominoplasty

Following one or more pregnancies or after a significant weight loss, an abdominoplasty may be a perfect aesthetic treatment to correct a loose belly. This is a cosmetic surgery that allows the muscle tightening many patients want after pregnancy.

How does it feel after the operation?

After surgery, the patient may feel some pain. But they can be relieved by taking the medication prescribed to them by their doctor. For the following days, it is also advisable to maintain a semi-sitting position. This reduces the abdominal tension.

When can I return to work?

A patient who opts for an abdominoplasty should keep in mind they will be absent from work for a period of 2 to 3 weeks. During this period, it is also recommended to avoid all physical activities. Their body has to rest.

When do the symptoms subside completely?

It takes a few months before the side effects of the surgery disappear completely. Even several weeks after surgery, the patient can continue to feel signs of numbness. However, the pain will only diminish with time.

After liposuction

The length of the recovery period after liposuction is usually short: most of the time, 2 to 3 days. But it can vary depending on the amount of fat removed, the elasticity of your skin and your body's ability to recover.

What is returning to work like?

If your job is not physical, 2-3 days of rest is enough. For jobs requiring physical effort or in the case of a liposuction of the torso, we recommend that you wait one week.

Is there specific care after a liposuction?

Yes, you wear a girdle for about a month to reduce pain and oedema (swelling). The first three days, wear this girdle constantly. Then you can take it off to sleep at night and wear only during the day.

When in doubt or worry, or to obtain more information, do not hesitate to contact us! Our team is on available to you to reassure and support you in every step of your cosmetic surgery procedure.

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