Breast surgery has an important impact on woman's life and self-esteem. At Sherbrooke aesthetic surgery center we undertake all aesthetic breast surgeries. This includes: breast augmentation, lifting, reduction or a combination of it.

Breasts surgeries

Breast augmentation
Breast augmentation is a simple and safe surgery. It enhances breast shape and self esteem. During this short surgery, performed under general anaesthesia, an implant will be used. It can have different size and shape responding to patient wishes. The Final result can be expected about a month after the surgery.

Types and shapes of breast implants:

  • Anatomical prosthesis are recommended for women who wants natural breast with a moderate volume. It gives very natural breasts results including appearance and palpation.
  • Round prosthesis have new features that gives excellent results. They allow a harmonious breast enlargement related to their various volumes and projection. They are recommended for women who want good volume and upper pole fullness.
  • Breast implants can be smooth or textured. Smooth breast implants are very flexible and give a very natural feeling. Textured implants are structured in order to minimize implant displacement and distortion.

Breast prosthesis can be filled with harmless salt water or with an improved new generation of silicon gel.

The breast lift surgery or mastopexy

A breast lift is indicated for breasts have lost their shape after pregnancy, weight loss or aging. Current techniques give excellent results with minimal scaring. A breast lift brings many benefits such as new aesthetics, better self-esteem and also removal of back and neck pain which can be caused by breasts that are too heavy and impair general body posture.

Combination of breast augmentation and mastopexy

Results are dramatically improved. Implants are used to enhance the effects of the lifting, especially in cases of small breasts subject to ptosis. This surgery has a very positive impact on body image.

Breast reduction

A breast reduction is recommended for heavy breasts causing back, shoulder pain and psychological issues. It guarantees smaller and firmer breasts.


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